Heart N Sole Membership

Membership area is for those that just can’t get enough, just need a work out at a weird hour or just can make it to class… or you could be a million miles away.. on vacation perhaps??
I have provided a way to take me anywhere… well almost anywhere…
Monthly cost is $30.00 a month
Just for the day… well $7.00 per day.
You will receive a code that allows you to open up our portal to the Heart N Sole world.
There are videos of dance fitness, personal training, product specific videos, and some mix and match of live classes.
Please make sure you are ok to be exercising.  I can’t save you behind the screen so please verify by a doctor that it is ok to be working out. Please exercise for your level.  If it hurts don’t do it… flip forward to modifications.  Do make sure you are challenging yourself to progress with strength.

Enroll for online training vidoes

  • - $30 / 1 Month
    - $7 / 1 Day