Personal training

Personal Training

Personal training is a partnership between Trainer and Trainee who work together for one common goal.

All training sessions are specific to your needs… I don’t cookie cut any program… you are an original.

Rates are subject to travel time and your needs. Please email me with your personal plan and let’s work together to make you the best can be.

Please fill out the form to the right with the best time to email or call you during your day.  In the Message box please advise on what your 3 top goals are and any limitations I would need to know before writing an exercise program.

At Heart N Sole Fitness we believe workouts are designed by passion, worked by determination and valued through success.

We do not have cookie-cutter types of programs. Everybody is not created equally we are all unique. Therefore we like to take you through our own assessment to see how your body operates. We use simple squatting tests, hip movement/flexibility assessments to evaluate how your body moves through space. We like to design programs that create balance in the body and mind. We adapt the workout to your current ability with different milestone goals, smile steps to get you to your finishing goal by a realistic timeline. Please send us email request to book a time that suits you or log into our system to see what is available to have your first consultation. Hourly rate of training is $70.00 per hour, first time consult is $130.00 per hour and a half – includes a 45 min consult and 45 min exercise work out. Please be dressed and ready to work out.