The thyroid is important to the way the body uses energy. It helps us control the Metabolism of producing storing and releasing hormones into the bloodstream. It controls the heart rate, breathing the central and peripheral nervous system. Controls weight menstrual cycles body temperature muscle strength and cholesterol.

Located in front of the windpipe just above the midline bony notch in the top of the breastbone. Both of its wings in the right and left thyroid lobes wrap backward around the trachea and are attached to the upper front of the trachea and lower part of the voice box. Each lobe is around 4 cm. from top to bottom. The middle part of the butterfly is the isthmus. Often a pencil-thin bit of the thyroid known as the pyramidal lobe comes from the middle of the isthmus.

Thyroid has nerves that allow you to sense if the thyroid has been irritated usually sensed in the front of the neck but sometimes you get ear irritation (referred pain).

Thyroid lobe is a special nerve that supplies the voice box and vocal cords. (Recurrent laryngeal nerves) There are tiny vessels and nerves in the thyroid along the path of these lymph vessels are small nodules (lymph nodes) containing small white blood cells (lymphocytes).

Lymph nodes are important. They help filter bacteria out of the system so that it does not attack your thyroid. If there is infection the lymphatic system stimulates the immune system to fight the infection.